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Distribution that goes Above and Beyond, Every Day

Reseller Solutions

Why Partner with The Douglas Stewart Company?

The Douglas Stewart Company is committed to growing your business

Our dedicated account managers take the time to understand your business challenges and develop solutions to strengthen your success.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Strategic business plans and category solutions for your business
  • Creative marketing and merchandising support to help drive sales in store
  • Events that allow you to see the hottest new products

Over 10,000 Products

How can we help you?

On-Campus Stores

  • On-campus business is in our DNA – you will have access to the expertise we've gained from 60+ years of sales and marketing relationships with all levels of this market, including stores at community colleges, 4 year universities of all sizes and IT departments.
  • Access marketing support and merchandising solutions with a proven track record of R.O.I. and incremental business gains to support your business.
  • We understand your buying cycles, and we align our products and promotions with those cycles to support and grow your business.
  • Our experience and knowledge give us insight into reaching your targeted demographics on-campus.

Value Added Resellers (LAR's and VAR's)

  • We provide LAR's and VAR's with industry expertise and current trend information to ensure that your sales reps are equipped with the knowledge and insight they need to close deals.
  • We understand your business and work across multiple verticals, including education, commercial, healthcare and government.
  • We provide/manage programs that drive results and reward you and your team for their efforts, such as deal registration which encourages lead creation, cultivation and closing.

Apple Specialists

  • We know Apple – Apple's direct education sales team,, Apple retail stores, Apple Specialist resellers, and Apple authorized on campus stores – We understand your unique business needs and our forward-thinking product selections will help you grow your business.
  • Additionally, we have a dedicated account manager focused on the Apple Segment providing personalized consultative service and solutions in order to help meet your business thrive.

Off-Campus Retail

  • We facilitate setup for product programs, costs, inventory levels, and purchase orders to alleviate your administrative workloads.
  • We facilitate the adoption and set-up of new products as well as on-going marketing and granular sales monitoring to help drive success.
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